About us


Stojanovic company was founded in 2004 as a family company. At the beginning it was just a workshop.
Since 2006 the company expanded and began the production and reconstruction of tools, spare parts and metal construction.
The company offers more and more services, which increas the number of clients. Since 2004 the number of employees has been growing steadily and now our company has 17 employees, and among them there are certified welders and when necessary we hire additional workers.
We have also increased the size of the production area.

Vision of the future

Our goal is to continue to grow and to be ready to meet the needs of present and future clients. We try to be competitive by focusing on:

  • quality of products and services
  • competitive price
  • short deadlines
  • creating partnerships with all our users
about us




szutr Stojanovic

selo Gnjilan, 18300 Pirot, Serbia

phone/fax: +381 10 311 283

gsm: +381 69 277 40 39